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Universal data cataloger designed for cataloging documents / files, hyperlinks, programs, folders
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4 October 2013

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With time amount of files and folders present on our PCs increases by leaps and bounds. This becomes not just difficult to adjust them in the hard disk but also when you need something, it will take serious amount of time to search them out and find them. Hence entire process becomes inconvenient. Therefore to ensure a perfect place that can prevent in not just effective storage but also give a dynamic platform for easy retrieval of files from the disk the ModusDoc Portable 6.0.179 presents itself as a great opportunity. It is an application that is intended to catalogue all kinds of digital files in it. Not only you can properly store the files in it in organized fashion but also recover every file in no time.

ModusDoc Portable 6.0.179 actually acts a high end database that is very much dedicated for effective storage of all kinds of files in it. You will be able to store digital documents, audio files, videos, images, executable files and even hyperlinks. This cataloguing software lets you to make it a tool with several amounts of databases. In each database you can store different files and differentiate them in diverse configuration. One of the striking features of ModusDoc Portable 6.0.179 is its Group and Record table feature. These Groups are formed in Index structure and Tree structure. For convenience of users, the tool offers filter option that can aid in effective and efficient file recovery. Further on every group you can add short cuts or hyperlinks to navigate to respective groups easily.

There is much more to ModusDoc Portable 6.0.179 that one can comprehend as the application has got every single feature that can enable the users to use the files and store the respective items in it and find no difficulty in fetching it. We rate it with 4.5 stars for its overall usability

Publisher's description

Universal data cataloger ModusDoc Portable was designed for cataloging diverse data: documents, e-books, audio books, movies, photos and other files, hyperlinks, programs, folders and notes on the removable media in a database for the purpose of gaining quick and convenient access to them.
Documents and other files can be stored directly in ModusDoc's database or the database can store the hyperlinks to these documents/files.
ModusDoc data cataloger allows creating an unlimited number of databases. Each ModusDoc can have individual configuration: have hidden or rearranged columns, added new ones of various types (symbolic, textual, numeric, logical, date, date and time).
Each ModusDoc database consists of a GROUPS and a RECORDS table. Groups are presented on two tabs, Index (linear structure) and Tree (hierarchical structure); the program generates the tree automatically!
The filtering (selection) tools located immediately above the group tabs and above each field of the records table allows locating required data quickly and conveniently.
A group can contain documents and other files (both embedded and bound, as hyperlinks), shortcuts to the applications that created these documents, hyperlinks to Internet resources related to documents and programs presented in the group, as well as folder shortcuts and notes.
A hyperlink (shortcut) to the same object (document, program, folder, etc.) can be presented in multiple groups simultaneously.
You can add any documents to ModusDoc database, including e-books, audio books, movies, photos and other files, shortcuts or folders, by simply dragging them with the mouse. You can drag hyperlinks, selected text, e-mail messages - ModusDoc cataloger will automatically create the respective records (hyperlinks or notes). Moreover, you can add all objects located in a folder by simply selecting the folder in the dialog!
ModusDoc Portable
ModusDoc Portable
Version 6.0.179
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